Saturday, 5 February 2011

Ladish Fashion

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Garment Industries in Bangladesh

Garment industries mean the industries located in the building where a variety of shirts, pants, Sweater etc. are made by the workers, mainly by the women folk. Ready –made garments are made here to be exported. Garment industry is the industry that enioys the popularity in Bangladesh. Many women have come forward to face the challenge of life and reality. Many families have now seen the good day of solvency. Many women working in the garment industries contribute to the income of their families. In some industries the women workers are well paid and in some cases they are low paid. In some cases they are oppressed. So some rules should be adopted to ensure their rights. Sixty percent of the total foreign income comes from the garment industries. So, the garment industries should be protected, financed and patronized by the government.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Ladish Fashion & dress

First Ladies and Sleeveless Dresses
The whole issue of how much skin is "socially acceptable" to show in public by First Ladies has been ongoing from almost the start of the presidency.
When Dolley Madison famously wore her low-cut dresses that showed off her shoulders and the top of her bosom, former First Lady Abigail Adams snidely remarked in a private letter that Mrs. Madison looked like "a nursing mother." There was a famous anecdote about Dolley Madison encountering an old friend who, like her, had been a Quaker, but left the faith. She looked at his head and saw he was no longer wearing the large black hat that Quaker men traditionally did (like the fellow on the Quaker Oats box). "Brother," she asked, "where is thy broadbrim?" He looked at her gown without sleeves or neck and with plunging neckline and quipped back. "Sister, where is thy kerchief?"

When Frances Cleveland, the 21 year old bride of President Cleveland, wore gowns without sleeves and showed off her shoulders, the Women's Christian Temperance Union circulated a petition pleading for her to cover up her skin because she was a bad influence on the morals of young American girls.
In recent years, Nancy Reagan often wore sleeveless and shoulderless evening gowns to state dinners, but during the daytime dressed more formally and covered.
What does all this mean? Nothing really - except they wear what they feel comfortable wearing.

New bra


Like a proud mama, I absolutely love it when one of my favorite little trends makes it to the big time. And right now my fave fashion color – navy blue – is doing just that. Sure, we’ve all been wearing cashmere sweaters and wool jackets in this rich color for years. But by now I’m sure you’ve noticed navy popping up everywhere – even Hollywood’s A list stars are wearing it on the red carpet. Lame pun alert…we’re all in the navy now!